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European Hematology Association

Raise political awareness for blood disorders

An estimated 80 million people suffer from one or more blood disorders in the European Union at any time. Regrettably, among them about 115,000 patients die each year. The age-adjusted mortality of all blood cancers combined ranks third after lung cancer and colorectal cancer in the European Economic Area. Tragically, they are most prevalent among some of the most vulnerable groups: children and the aging.

The European Hematology Association (EHA) promotes excellence in patient care, education and research in the field of Hematology. The EHA has more than 4000 members worldwide. In order to represent and advocate at the EU level the interests of haematologists and patients suffering from blood disorders, EHA asked Schuttelaar & Partners to help them increase their visibility.

Our work

In the execution of this project, Schuttelaar & Partners made use of its unique expertise in politics, health-care and creative design. Our health-care and political specialists worked together to identify Public Affairs priorities and engage key EU stakeholders. Based on the shared values of EHA and its key stakeholders, Schuttelaar & Partners developed an overarching communication strategy.

Using the new corporate identity designed by our creative designers, Schuttelaar & Partners drafted a collection of documents aimed at engaging external stakeholders. These included position papers, online magazines and leaflets. Using these tools, the EHA was able to reach out more efficiently to key EU institutions and better represent those suffering from blood disorders.