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Communication strategy for ECDC

European Centre for Prevention and Disease Control

The European Centre for Prevention and Disease Control (ECDC) aims at strengthening the safety of European citizens with respect to infectious diseases.


Communication for a healthier world

ECDC asked us to give them guidance regarding the communication on their future European Vaccine Information Portal. The target audience, the message and how to get the message across (communication tools to use) were important elements of this strategy.  


Plan of action

We conducted a scoping study and provided ECDC with a content strategy for their future online portal. In particular we did a dozen of interviews with stakeholders ranging from physicians and nurses’ associations, and academics to national and European public health experts. Secondly, we analysed the social media in selected European countries.


Impact in Europe

In many European countries the public debate about vaccines and vaccinations has become polarised and conflictual. As a neutral third-party we were able to listen to the various opinions expressed. We advised the ECDC how to reach out in the best objective, neutral and transparent way to European citizens and healthcare providers with up-to-date information about vaccines and vaccinations. This brings us closer to a healthier world!

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