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Perennial campaign for Dairy Pack

Dairy Pack

Dairy Pack (‘Zuivelpak’ in Dutch) is the name of a campaign to inform the consumer about the sustainability of dairy packaging. Focus areas are the use of natural packaging materials and reduction of food waste. The campaign started in 2017 and has been continued in 2018 and 2019. In 2020 food waste will be the key theme.


Dairy packaging

Dairy packaging is becoming increasingly sustainable. More natural materials are being used, and the on-pack folding lines help consumers getting most out of the packaging so less food is wasted. Both packaging producers and retailers actively promote further development of packaging sustainability. We support this by designing a large awareness campaign.


Long term campaign

Thanks to its surprising and sympathetic tone of voice, the Dairy Pack campaign has been a success for almost three years. We framed a clear central message combined with a call to action: fold your packaging. We convey this message both in an informative and an entertaining fashion since 2017. We do this via traditional media like television, but also via social media like Facebook and Youtube. We also engage influencers for this messaging.


Campaign for impact

Via this campaign many consumers have been informed about the sustainability of dairy packaging and what they can do with the packaging. Besides broadcasting TV-commercials and using social media, we also disseminate this message via other media. As such de collaborate to jointly create a more sustainable world!



Take a look at the Dairy Pack commercial below.

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