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CSR policy for Cornelis Vrolijk

Cornelis Vrolijk

Cornelis Vrolijk is an internationally operating family business that is active in the catching, farming, processing and trading of fish and shrimp. Cornelis Vrolijk employs more than 2000 people worldwide, including partnerships. The company makes an important contribution to the food security of millions of people.


Vision on sustainable fishing

The social commitment to Cornelis Vrolijk is high. The organization works with an eye for healthy fish stocks, minimal environmental impact and the welfare of its employees. The company has asked us to support them in formulating their vision of corporate social responsibility and its implementation.


Policy and materiality

In recent years, we have supported the CSR manager in drawing up CSR policy plans for various industries. In addition, we assisted Cornelis Vrolijk in carrying out a materiality analysis. In addition, we take care of the design of the policy plans and the CSR annual reports.


Change in the fishery

Thanks in part to our support, Cornelis Vrolijk has been able to structure and strengthen the CSR policy they have developed. The CSR policy is made visible, both to the employees and externally.

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