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CSR-report 2019 for Coop Supermarkets

Coop Supermarkets

Coop is a co-operative food retailer in the Netherlands with over 300 stores nationwide and a webshop. The co-operative believes in the power of collaboration. Hence its slogan ‘Samen maak je ‘t verschil’ (‘Thogether you make the difference’). With a membership of over 1 million people, Coop is among the largest associations in the Netherlands.



In 2017 we created for Coop its first CSR-report. At the time, the strategy and motivation of Coop were central to the report. In the CSR-report 2018 quantitative results gained most focus. Also in 2019, Coop asked us to create an online report, to inform all its stakeholders on Coop’s social responsibility in 2019.


GRI and materiality

Late 2018 we renewed the materiality analysis, identifying the topics internal and external stakeholders consider most relevant to Coop. We gathered information for writing the texts based on GRI Standards Core (Global Reporting Initiative) and Coop’s CSR-structure. The CSR-report 2019 is an interactive online magazine created on the H5 Mag platform.


Working on ambitions

In the new materiality analysis the topics ‘reducing food waste’ and ‘more sustainable packaging’ appear the have gained importance for Coop. The topics ‘healthier assortment’and ‘stimutaling healthy options’ have been combined in the material topic ‘attention for healthy food’. Showing the targets leads to increasing employee commitment and contributes to Coop realising its ambitions.