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CSR report COOP Supermarkets

Coop Supermarkets

Coop is a Dutch supermarket organisation with a strong connection to local communities. Both via its over 300 supermarkets and online, the cooperative sells groceries nationwide.


Working on sustainability

Coop wants to show its customers, employees and other stakeholders that it takes sustainability seriously. That’s why Coop asked us to research and write their online CSR-report on 2018 and efficiently disseminate this among their stakeholders.


Creative concept and GRI

Based on the GRI Standards Core (Global reporting Initiative0 and the CSR-structure of Coop, we collected relevant information and wrote the text for the report. We also developed a creative design and combined with the text we created an interactive online magazine based on our H5Mag platform.


Chain impact

In 2017 we created the content and design of our first CSR-report for Coop. That edition focused on the strategy and motivation of Coop. In 2018 quantification of the CSR-performance get more attention. Measuring and reporting the targets and ambitions related to CSR contributes to commitment of employees and achieving the ambitions.



Check out the CSR-report 2018 we created for Coop Supermarkets.

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