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Visualisations of food flows for CBL


The Central Bureau of Food Products (Centraal Bureau van Levensmiddelenhandel, CBL) is the branch organisation for supermarkets and food service businesses in the Netherlands. The CBL has 25 member companies.


More insight in the chain

A food chain has several links, from suppliers to transporters, from producers to supermarkets. This differs per food product, as do the volumes of product flows through the chain. The CBL asked us to map the food chains of six different products. This put the position of the supermarket in perspective with respect to the other links in the chain.


Six chain visualisations

Using various sources of information and discussions with experts, we have displayed the links and volumes of the corresponding product flows in Sankey-diagrams for six food chains (apples, eggs, tomatoes, onions, pigs and dairy). These diagrams show which product flows enter and leave the chain along various links. This provides an insight into the share of the links.



Then take a look at the visualisations of the six supply chains here (Dutch).

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