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Stakeholder strategy for BVOR

Dutch Association of Biowaste Processors

The Dutch Association of Biowaste Processors (BVOR) represents the majority of professional bio-waste processing facilities in the Netherlands. Together the member companies process approximately 2 million tonnes of green waste and 1 million tonnes of household & commercial biowaste annually, thereby representing 70-80% of the total Dutch market.



The members of BVOR process biowaste into valuable biobased products such as compost products, solid biomass and biogas for bio-energy production as well as other innovative biobased products (e.g fibres, proteins and compost teas). Compost is a valuable product when it comes to sustaining the quality of soil in gardens and farmland. BVOR asked us to come to an effective message and approach for strengthening the support of its members regarding the usage of residual flows.


Working with stakeholders

We started with interviewing twelve internal and external stakeholders from the BVOR stakeholder field. These interviews formed the foundation for a SWOT analyses in which we analysed the strong and weak aspects of BVOR, as well as opportunities and threats. We came with several strategic options for the association by creating a confrontation matrix. In this matrix we distinguished four different categories of strategy: attack, strengthen, defend and survive.

Based on the goals of BVOR we gave an advice for the route which was the most suitable for them. Additionally, we developed a comprehensive strategic note. Thanks to our knowledge and understanding of the Dutch agricultural sector and policies we were able to identify concrete actions, which we draw up in a clear way.


Towards circulair agriculture

Compost is an essential part of circular agriculture and the conservation and strengthening of soil biodiversity. Based on the SWOT analyses and the drawn up strategic note the board of BVOR will work on the strategic routes of the association for the following years.

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