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Biodiversity Monitor for Arable Farming

Biodiversity Monitor for Arable Farming

The Arable Farming Biodiversity Monitor is an initiative of and is being developed by BO Akkerbouw, Rabobank, the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF-NL) and the Province of Groningen.


Loss of biodiversity

Biodiversity in the Netherlands is under great pressure. Agriculture and other site managers are faced with the task of improving biodiversity, the environment, the climate and the quality of our living environment. With the Arable Farming Biodiversity Monitor, a method is being developed to make the farmer's impact on biodiversity measurable. This allows farmers in the chain to be rewarded for their performance on biodiversity. We have been asked to take on the project coordination.


Measuring for knowledge

The Biodiversity Monitor uses a set of Critical Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the impact of business operations on biodiversity at the farm and in the surrounding area. The monitor uses an integral set of KPIs in the areas of land use, soil, climate and the environment, which have a direct impact on biodiversity.

By collecting and analysing individual farm data in the monitor, arable farmers' commitment to the environment, climate, nature and landscape can be monitored in a uniform and integrated manner. Regional pilots will also be set up to test the Biodiversity Monitor.


Working together to restore biodiversity

The development of the monitor is part of the Delta Plan for Biodiversity Recovery. In time, the monitor can also be used for specific rewards and performance appraisals, for example in the form of an interest rebate on loans from a bank. On the basis of the knowledge obtained from the monitor, we can take action and, together, reverse the loss of biodiversity to restore it.

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