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Integrated report 2019 for Avebe


Avebe is an international co-operative of growers of starch potatoes. The company develops healthy, nutritious and environmentally friendly ingredients from starch potatoes.


Integrated reporting

Avebe wants to integrate its financial and sustainability reporting. Its comprehensive reporting on its sustainability strategy and policy is compliant with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).


Materiality scan

In conjunction with Avebe and relevant external stakeholders, we used our Materiality Scan to identify the material topics. Reference point is Avebe’s strategy for 2023 ‘Binding and Building’. In collaboration with Avebe we subsequently created its integrated annual report 2018-2019, and a concise summary.


Together for impact

“Avebe is the first potato starch company to publish an integrated report in-line with GRI. This report answers relevant questions in a clear and consistent manner. It informs stakeholders on the way Avebe deals with financial risks and takes its corporate social responsibility.”

Peter-Erik Ywema,
Director Sustainability Avebe



Take a look at the integrated report we made for Avebe.  

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