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Possible ways of reducing plastic for Agrifirm

Royal Agrifirm Group

Royal Agrifirm group wants to contribute to a sustainable food chain for future generations. It’s international network of subsidiary companies in sixteen countries provides a global distribution network. More than 10.000 Dutch livestock farmers and crop growers joined forces in this cooperative.


Plastic in the picture

The applications of plastics in agriculture are multiple. Royal Agrifirm group asked us, on behalf of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI), to map the amount and various types of plastic that are used on a global scale. More than 100 organisations work together in SAI. By sharing knowledge, innovation and forming liaisons they aim to improve sustainability in the agricultural sector.

Less plastic use means less pollution, less costs and a decrease in environmental impact. A goal which is fully embraced by SAI.


Our approach

As a first step towards a significant decrease in plastic usage, it’s vital to know how much plastics are actually used. In order to answer this question, we had to dive into existing literature. Using different written resources, amongst which scientific papers and publications of trade organisations, we mapped the amount of plastics that is used on an annual basis, the various uses for different types of plastics and the materials itself.


Working on reduction

This research regarding usage of plastic in the agricultural sector is a first step to reduction. When the sector knows how much plastic is being used and in which way, plans can be made to cut back on plastic. Less plastic in agriculture means less pollution, lower costs ánd less pressure on the boundaries of the environment. 

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