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Communication, stakeholder management and strategy for biodiversity recovery

Action plan for the recovery of biodiversity

The Action Plan for the Recovery of Biodiversity (Deltaplan Biodiversiteitsherstel) is a social movement consisting of NGO’s, farmers, scientists, banks and organizations. These parties are aware of the loss of biodiversity worldwide and decided to take action.


From loss to recovery

Biodiversity in the Netherlands will not recover by itself. This issue demands a system change. For that reason, farmers’ organizations, food supply chain partners, researchers, nature and environmental organizations as well as a bank have joined forces for the first time to reverse biodiversity loss in the Netherlands and embark on the road to recovery. We form the project office of the Action Plan for the Recovery of Biodiversity, four employees are seconded to the foundation. 


Together for biodiversity

As the project office, we think along with the strategic direction of the movement and we enter into discussions with relevant stakeholders in the field. For example, we supervise 6 working groups around the 6 themes of the Delta Plan in achieving their goals for biodiversity restoration. In addition, we take care of the internal and external communication of the foundation and in September 2020 we delivered a completely new website, including an interactive online map. In addition, we regularly organize (online) events and annually the 'Together for Biodiversity' Innovation Fund (Innovatiefonds) for the foundation.

In collaboration with the Delta Plan's partner organizations, we launched the Maak Grijs Groener (Make Grey Greener) public campaign, which will run for several years. Maak Grijs Groener is aimed at citizens and focuses on increasing knowledge about biodiversity and about what you yourself can do. The campaign website contains many simple tips for restoring biodiversity. The creative concept was developed in collaboration with KesselsKramer.


Realizing a dream

‘’In 2030, the green spaces of the Netherlands support a rich biodiversity of soil life, plants, insects and farmland birds. The landscape sparkles with diversity and people enjoy the quality of life, work and recreation. Regional landscapes are recognizable by their vegetation and people identify with and are proud of their region.’’ 



Take a look the website of the Action Plan for Biodiversity Recovery.

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