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Bending the curve of loss to recovery

Action plan for the recovery of biodiversity

The Action Plan for the Recovery of Biodiversity (Deltaplan Biodiversiteitsherstel) is a social movement consisting of NGO’s, farmers, scientists, banks and organizations. These promotors are aware of the loss of biodiversity worldwide and decided to take action.


From loss to recovery

Biodiversity in the Netherlands will not recover by itself. This issue demands a system change. For that reason, farmers’ organizations, food supply chain partners, researchers, nature and environmental organizations as well as a bank have joined forces for the first time to reverse biodiversity loss in the Netherlands and embark on the road to recovery. In doing so, the promotors want to embrace existing initiatives and expand them where necessary, as well as to work together on developing new initiatives. The Action Plan aims to use knowledge, prosperity and energy to create a Netherlands where people and nature can flourish side by side.

The promotors asked us to act as a secretary and support them with this responsible task. Additionally, we take care of the (internal and external) communications of the Action Plan.


Together for biodiversity

As a secretary we work the strategical course of the movement. We help the working routes (Agriculture, Nature and Public Space) to help reach their goals for biodiversity recovery. We also give practical support, such as arranging stakeholder sessions and planning and organizing events.

Additionally, we worked together with the promotors on a communication plan. In this fase of the movement, the communication is focussed on (potential) partners of the Action Plan. For that reason we mapped the complex field of stakeholders and we made sure the cooperation was optimal. In the end of 2019 we will start the communication towards the public to help raise awareness.


Realizing a dream

‘’In 2030, the green spaces of the Netherlands support a rich biodiversity of soil life, plants, insects and farmland birds. The landscape sparkles with diversity and people enjoy the quality of life, work and recreation. Regional landscapes are recognizable by their vegetation and people identify with and are proud of their region.’’ 



Take a look at the flyer (ENG) or visit the website of the Action Plan for Biodiversity Recovery.

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