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Webinar for partners of the movement

Delta Plan for Biodiversity Recovery

Biodiversity is essential for maintaining ecosystems and thus a healthy living environment. Environmental organisations, farmers, research institutes, governments and companies are aware of this problem and have joined forces in the Delta Plan Biodiversity Recovery Foundation. The foundation is working on reversing the loss of biodiversity to recovery.


Online Partner Meeting

The vision of the Delta Plan is that recovery is only possible when we work together. Based on this vision, our partners are involved in various workgroups within the Delta Plan. A Partner Day is also organised three times a year, where partners keep each other informed about their work, inspire and motivate each other to take steps for biodiversity recovery. In June, we held our first online Partner Day due to the COVID-19 measures. With success: more than 80 participants watched live and afterwards the recording was viewed almost 500 times.


Tight planning

A webinar requires a tight time schedule and presentations with strong content alternated with interesting videos. We took care of the technical and practical organisation of the Delta Plan, drew up a script and briefed all the speakers. In addition, we took care of the communication before, during and after the livestream.


Together for biodiversity

We streamed our webinar via YouTube Live. This made it easy for viewers to ask questions via the live chat. The questions were directed to the speakers by the chairman. After the webinar, we received many positive reactions from viewers. In the chat, participants encouraged each other to work together to restore biodiversity.



Take a look at the webinar below or read the report (Dutch).

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