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Join the Young Professionals Network webinar on rising energy prices

This winter saw an unprecedented rise in energy prices. Within a year, European household electricity prices have risen by 50% and gas prices have almost doubled. Even in previous years, an estimated 50 million households in the EU could not afford essential energy services. Not only consumers are impacted by the current situation: many retailers have gone out of business and governments have devoted billions of euros to compensate, mainly by lowering energy-related taxes. The underlying upward trend continues for now – especially given the situation in Ukraine.

The True Cost of Energy

On March 23rd from 15.00 – 17.00 CET the Young Professionals Network, supported by Schuttelaar & Partners, will gather a panel of energy specialists and young professionals to discuss the “True Cost of Energy” and its impact on Europe’s future. Our panel will discuss: what is driving these energy costs, and where are they going? How does this tie into the energy transition, and how do we tackle both for Europe as a whole? What will this mean to us as a new generation of consumers, and what will it mean for the skills we will need in the future?

The event is free of charge, and you can register using the button below.


About the Young Professionals Network

YPN is a Brussels-based network that aims at supporting young professionals, providing them with networking and learning opportunities through interactive events. The YPN focuses on sustainable food and agriculture, circular economy, health, and energy transition.