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Doors closed, windows open

Nature comes to life and at the same time our society is moving towards a lockdown situation. This requires huge adjustments for everyone for a long time. And many things will also become structurally different.

Where doors close, windows are being opened. Together with our client National Geographic Society for example, we prepared the publication of the digital National Geographic magazine, full of interactive aspects, for a school year starting in August. So that it will remain fun for all the kids in the US to learn from home.

Let's get used to the fact that ‘home’ has a completely different meaning. Our way of life is currently digitizing at super speed. With the laptop on the kitchen table, work and life 'just' go on. Especially now, it is essential to quickly set up the new forms of digital collaboration and business companies.

For many years Schuttelaar & Partners has an extensive team and the tools to communicate, connect and do business impactfully via digital forms. And we don't mean just a meeting tool, but  tools that offer a high degree of interaction and engagement. So that contacts with employees, target groups and stakeholders can continue fully and meaningfully from a distance.

We strongly believe that right now we all can make the necessary transition to the new reality. This allows you to stay in  contact with colleagues, customers and stakeholders. We have the tools and specialists to recover from the first shock and continue creating positive impact.


The Agency for a Healthy World wishes all good health in the coming period. Take care.

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