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Successful New Year's Café emphasizes that more pace is needed for a sustainable world

During the well-attended New Year's Café of Schuttelaar & Partners it became clear that we are in a hurry. Under the inspiring leadership of Harm Edens it turned out that good results have been achieved in the past 25 years. Climate change, the depletion of natural resources, such as the disappearance of rainforests and a reduction in social cohesion, underline the need for effective measures. The Dutchman also expects this, according to new consumer research.


It is time for decisive action...

Marjolein Demmers, director of foundation Natuur & Milieu, indicated that it is precisely now with all the climate negotiations that it is important to implement agreements. She calls for the creation of support for climate regulations. She feels supported in this by the recent court rulings. Nico Roozen, founder of Max Havelaar, believes that the changes should mainly come from the governments. It is true that consumers have become increasingly aware, but they do not always act accordingly. Companies remain too focused on achieving short-term goals. Governments are therefore becoming increasingly important to monitor collectively and in the long term.


... and especially together in good health

That we live longer and longer in good health was confirmed by Andrea Maier, Professor of Gerontology at the Free University of Amsterdam. Health care should increasingly focus on the prevention of age-related diseases so that we can grow old in good health. A social network is essential for this. And that is precisely what Maarten Hajer is worried about; climate measures can undermine social cohesion in society. We'll soon have a beautiful planet with a lot of conflicts, that can't be the intention.


Healthier and more sustainable food

New consumer research shows that the Dutchman expects and wants our food in particular to become much healthier and more sustainable over the next 25 years. The research results were presented by Suzanne van der Pijll, managing partner at Schuttelaar & Partners. The consumer's most important wishes are for organic and unsprayed fruit and vegetables, preferably from the local area. And the farmer should emphatically receive a good price for this. More than half of the Dutch people think that we now pay a less fair price than we did 25 years ago, and that is considered unfair.


Panel from left to right: Joost Schuttelaar, Ronald Hiel, Edwin Hecker, Ad Nagelkerke, Suzanne van der Pijll, Harm Edens





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