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The EU’s New Circular Economy Action Plan: An Overview

The European Commission released its new Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP) in support of the European Green Deal on the 11th of March 2020. It fits in an illustrious list of ambitious EU strategy documents such as the new Biodiversity Strategy, the Farm to Fork Strategy, and the EU’s latest Industrial Strategy. The red thread being to transform the EU into a more sustainable continent where the fight against climate change and the reversal of environmental degradation goes hand in hand with stable economic growth.

Back to the Circular Economy Action Plan: It sets out ambitious goals for the European economy and invites business to work together with EU policy makers to create the framework for sustainable products. Moreover, it draws out plans for electronics, batteries, plastics, textiles, construction, and food. Virtually no sector is left untouched.

In short, this plan puts forward circularity as a reshaping of Europe’s consumption patterns rather than simply a “tool” to incentivise change

Schuttelaar & Partners’ 25 years of experience in the field of circular economy, combined with its expertise in strategic communication and positioning can make it a valuable partner in this economic transformation. In fact, our Public Affairs team offers a policy monitoring service which provides regular updates on the policy advancements of the regulations that concern you. Our Public Affairs team is always available for further questions on any way in which the CEAP will affect your business.

Curious to learn more?

You can read our CEAP memo here.