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Inspiring congress in Prague on sustainable European agriculture

From March 4th to March 6th we organised the kick-off event of SmartAgriHubs in Prague, the Czech Republic. From the logistics to the program, our team took care of all the details that helped make this event a resounding success. This EU-project will help catalyse the digitisation of the European agri-food sector for the coming four years, and establish the foundations for cooperation beyond the project’s life time. Experts and professionals from all EU member states came together to get inspired, share common challenges, attend interactive workshops and most importantly, to enlarge their network. The event involved high-level speakers including senior officials from the European Commission who emphasized the European scale of this project, and  IoT expert Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks, CEO and founder of BitHouse, who gave an inspiring speech on the importance of education and effective marketing.

On the 6th of March, we hosted a ‘Synergy Day’ for SmartAgriHubs, and our colleagues from another large EU-project in the agri-food sector for which we handle both the organisation and communication: IOF2020. The partners and attendees from both projects spent the whole day creating synergies, sharing common problems, solutions and establishing links between them in order to make sure the European agriculture and food sector will be more sustainable and future-proof. The day also involved a visit to a dairy farm near Prague which has deployed various IoT innovations to help maximise its milk production and make it more sustainable.

From March 7th to March 8th, we hosted the annual partners event for IoF2020. This project aims at facilitating the uptake of IoT technologies in the agri-food sector. The highlight of the event was the introduction of 19 new use cases to the project. These new use cases introduced themselves on the first day in a round of presentations. Since this was the 3rd annual event for IoF2020, participants were very keen to demonstrate the latest developments in their projects, and brought exciting exhibition items such as drones and sensors. Moreover, both days saw interactive workshops, presentations and speeches from the project’s partners. Most importantly, partners were able to network, cooperate, and strengthen the IoF2020 ecosystem.


All the hard work and effort put in by both consortiums throughout the past year culminated into this electrifying annual event. We would like to extend a warm thank you to all the participants and look forward to welcoming them again at the next respective events!



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