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Our positive impact at “Knowledge for Growth”

On May 17, 2018 Schuttelaar & Partners was among the 115 exhibitors at ‘Knowledge for Growth’ in Ghent, one of the largest and most renowned life sciences conferences in Europe. 1300 experts from more than 550 companies and organisations from biotech, pharma and medtech, as well as investors, universities, research institutes and policy makers used this opportunity to exchange about latest trends in the global life sciences’ landscape. Have a look at the official after movie!

For S&P this was a great occasion to showcase our experience with strategy, public affairs and communication consultancy in this exciting field. With higher life-expectancy and incidence of chronic illness comes increasing pressure on our healthcare system. At the same time, our possibilities to care and cure are growing at a quick pace. How do you operate in this fast moving field? Our specialists can help you to connect to your stakeholders and communicate effectively.

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