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IoT Week 2017 – IoF2020 shows its contribution to the UN SDGs

The IoT Week took place in Geneva between 6-9 June 2017, representing a great opportunity to showcase IoF2020 and its contribution to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

On this occasion, representatives of the IoF2020 consortium gave presentations, addressing how IoF2020 can contribute to the UN SDGs, in particular Zero Hunger (SDG 2), Climate Action (SDG 13) and Life on Land (SDG 15). Dr. George Beers from the Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and the IoF2020 Project Manager pointed out the importance of enhanced cooperation throughout the entire agri-food chain to ensure food security and environmental sustainability, and announced an open call for new partners, to be launched in 2018.

Edwin Hecker, Managing Partner at Schuttelaar & Partners and the Communication Leader of the IoF2020 project, emphasized the importance of expanding the IoF2020 ecosystem beyond the agri-food sector: “To enhance the sustainable impact of IoT technologies on food and agriculture production, we need a broad social consensus. Therefore, IoF2020 aims to cooperate closely with its stakeholders, including consumers and policy-makers and communicate clearly about the benefits of IoT technologies at the early stage”.

The IoT Week also cooperated closely with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the United Nations (UN) system to review and address the potential of the Internet of Things to achieve 17 UN SDGs. This work concretised in the adoption of an International Declaration on the Internet of Things for Sustainable Development, to which IoF2020 also provided its contributions.

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In the picture below: Mr. Edwin Hecker, Communication Leader of the IoF2020 project, presents the activities towards the IoF2020 ecosystem.

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