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Food and food patterns after the COVID-19 crisis

- A crisis changes our food pattern. When looking at empty shelves in supermarkets, the Dutch will live on pasta with sauce from a jar, pancakes and canned soup in the coming weeks. But later, when everything turns back to “normal”, what do we eat? After the first days of crisis, we see a number of patterns emerging in...

Doors closed, windows open

- Nature comes to life and at the same time our society is moving towards a lockdown situation. This requires huge adjustments for everyone for a long time. And many things will also become structurally different. Where doors close, windows are being opened. Together with our client National Geographic Society for examp...

Report 'Cultivation of embryos especially for research' to the House of Representatives

- At the request of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, we organised a social dialogue to bring to light how people in the Netherlands currently view the breeding of embryos especially for research (special breeding). The report on this dialogue was presented to the House of Representatives yesterday. View the re...

Looking back at our Alumni Event

- More than 80 former employees of Schuttelaar & Partners were back at the office on the Zeestraat last Wednesday.  During the event, in addition to of course catching up with former colleagues, attention was paid to the history and current themes of the office. In the panel with the partners, Joost Schuttelaar, Ronald H...

Schuttelaar & Partners co-organiser Foodpolicy's Outbreak 2020

- This year, we joined forces with the sustainability network Foodpolicy NL to co-organise Foodpolicy's Outbreak. This conference (in Dutch) will take place for the seventh time on Thursday 4 June. We are delighted to be able to present a top programme! The theme of Foodpolicy's Outbreak 2020: Beyond the confusi...

February 2020

Marcel Schuttelaar jury chairman of Avebe Student Challenge

- More than 60 Dutch students responded to Avebe's call to design the factory of the future. The assignment for the Student Challenge to celebrate Avebe's 100th anniversary was challenging: what if you could build a factory from scratch for Avebe? What techniques would you use to maximise the value of the ingredi...

January 2020

Successful New Year's Café emphasizes that more pace is needed for a sustainable world

- During the well-attended New Year's Café of Schuttelaar & Partners it became clear that we are in a hurry. Under the inspiring leadership of Harm Edens it turned out that good results have been achieved in the past 25 years. Climate change, the depletion of natural resources, such as the disappearance of rainforest...

November 2019

ALIGN tool for agri-food companies to accelerate work on living wage and income is live

- During the International Living Wage & Income Conference on November 5th and 6th in Rotterdam, ALIGN a guidance tool for agri-food companies to accelerate action on living wage and living income was presented. The ALIGN Platform is a collaboration of Fairfood, Hivos -Humanist Organisation for Social Change-, Rainforest...

October 2019

Join us at the launch of the Young Professionals Network

- Are you tired of navigating through the troubled sea of formal events in Brussels? Do you feel like catching some wind in your sails and meeting new people for some relaxing after-work drinks? And do you work or are interested in sustainability? Then look no further and join us at Schuttelaar & Partner’s Young Professi...

May 2019

Showcasing our experience at "Knowledge for Growth"

- On May 9, 2019 Schuttelaar & Partners will be among the more than 100 exhibitors at ‘Knowledge for Growth’ in Ghent, one of the largest and most renowned life sciences conferences in Europe. 1300 experts from more than 550 companies and organisations from biotech, pharma and medtech, as well as investors, universities...

March 2019

Inspiring congress in Prague on sustainable European agriculture

- From March 4th to March 6th we organised the kick-off event of SmartAgriHubs in Prague, the Czech Republic. From the logistics to the program, our team took care of all the details that helped make this event a resounding success. This EU-project will help catalyse the digitisation of the European agri-food sector for...

November 2018

BlocRice: harvest of first blockchain rice

- Today in Cambodia the first rice of the BlocRice project was traded digitally between farmers of the Raeksmei Agricultural Cooperative and rice exporter AmruRice. The farmer registers their harvest after which ownership is digitally transfered — from farmer, via cooperative, to AmruRice. There are still a lot of steps...

July 2018

Launch of C&A Foundation website & annual report

- The C&A Foundation works to make the fashion industry more sustainable. Together we developed the new C&A Foundation website. We took care of the design, technical development and of course communications. The website is used as a multilingual content marketing platform and contains for example a complete list of gran...

May 2018

Our positive impact at “Knowledge for Growth”

- On May 17, 2018 Schuttelaar & Partners was among the 115 exhibitors at ‘Knowledge for Growth’ in Ghent, one of the largest and most renowned life sciences conferences in Europe.

March 2018

IoF2020: Celebrating IoT in agriculture

- The IoF2020 consortium had the pleasure to welcome more than 250 participants from all over Europe to its Stakeholder Event om 1-2 March 2018 in Almeria, Spain! We had most interesting discussions and exchange of views on the application of IoT solutions in the agri-food sector.

September 2017

Accelerating sustainable development

- Since their creation in 2015, the SDGs are gaining ground among stakeholders. But according to Hugo von Meijenfeldt, Co-ordinator Implementation SDGs at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the pace of change must accelerate. “Too often I am preaching to the converted. That is not effective.

How does your company connect with the SDG’s? Take the SDG QuickScan!

- Today, Schuttelaar & Partners launched the SDG QuickScan. With the SDG QuickScan, companies quickly gain insight into the most relevant SDG’s. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the first integrated international framework to make our world healthier and more sustainable – laying out where we collectively...

August 2017

Blog: The sum of hidden hunger

- At the moment, humanity is facing a major health crisis – a so-called ‘hidden hunger’, a condition of micronutrient deficiency standing for the lack of intake of micronutrients in our daily diets. An example of a common micronutrient deficiency is ‘iodine deficiency’. According to data obtained by the World Health Orga...

June 2017

BLOG: Smart Farming is key for the future of agriculture

- The introduction of novel ICT-technologies is already a gamechanger in the agrifood sector. The European Commission has early on recognized the potential of Smart Farming yet is struggling to implement the new technologies in an impactful way.

IoT Week 2017 – IoF2020 shows its contribution to the UN SDGs

- From 6 to 9 June, IoF2020 participated to the IoT Week 2017 in Geneva. This represented a great opportunity to showcase the project and its contribution to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The IoT Week ahead, a new website for IoF2020

- Schuttelaar & Partners is very pleased to announce the launch of the new IoF2020 website: at the occasion of the IoT Week in Geneva. 

May 2017

BLOG: Is there a future for health at EU level?

- Many in the Brussels arena fear for the future end of the Directorate General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE) in favour of a broader ‘health in all policies’ approach. The turmoil seems to originate from rumours caused and amplified by a wary communication and mixed signals from EU officials on health policies.

April 2017

S&P is partner in SeRaMCo, an Interreg project on circular economy

- S&P will lead the activities on ecosystem building for the Secondary Raw Materials for Concrete Precast Products (SeRaMCo) project, a € 7 million Interreg project aiming at upscaling recycling of construction and demolition waste. This project is coordinated by the University of Kaiserslautern and involves in total 18 ...

Online CSR roadmap: a structural approach to sustainability

- How can we help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) set up a sound sustainability plan and encourage them to communicate about it?

BLOG: Eat crickets, save the planet!

- Each year, around 70 million people are added to the world’s population. If growth continues at this rate, by 2050 the population is expected to reach 9 billion. Next to that, living standards grew exponentially in many countries and as result, global meat consumption has also increased rapidly, with serious implicatio...

March 2017

Choices International Foundation terminates contract with Schuttelaar & Partners

- The Choices International Foundation, a service and lobby organisation for decisive food logos, has decided to reorganise their secretariat. Schuttelaar & Partners, one of the founders supported the foundation for 10 years. The Choices International Foundation has decided to focus more on product reformulation in Asia...

S&P at the forefront of the IoF2020 kick-off

- On 21-22 February the EU-funded IoF2020 project was officially launched in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. An inspiring start of the project enabled project partners to establish a structured collaboration and present their innovative research endeavors, aiming at improving agricultural production through the use of Intern...

February 2017

Schuttelaar & Partners lectures the TIAS MBA international candidates

- Schuttelaar & Partners gave a lecture on the activity of corporate lobbying in the European policy decision-making process to the international MBA candidates of the TIAS School for Business and Society.

EVENT: CROP Innovation & Business 2017, Amsterdam, 2-3 April

- Conference theme 2017: How R&D-insights lead to new products and solutions that help solve the big societal challenges The upcoming CROP Innovation & Business conference will host the leaders of the international plant breeding industry. Together with the technology providers they will discuss about how R&D-insights l...

BLOG: Stop the bug that brings societies down

- Antimicrobial resistance hardly seems related to a sustainable world as expressed by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal. Yet, a real threat to human welfare is looming.

November 2016

Schuttelaar & Partners joins the association ‘Alliance for the Internet of Things Innovations’

- On Friday 11 November, the Alliance for the Internet of Things Innovations (AIOTI) was constituted unanimously by its members during its General Assembly in Brussels. The AIOTI association was launched to support and promote the ignition of an ecosystem for the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) in Europe. Schuttelaar & Partn...

October 2016

S&P coordinates the communications of a H2020 project

- S&P leads the communication activities of the IoF2020, a Horizon 2020 project aiming at demonstrating how the agri-food sector can benefit from the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) technologies. The project is expected to deliver full-scale demonstrations of IoT solutions into the agri-food sector and pave the way towards a...

S&P Bootcamp Session

- Tuesday October 4th, the S&P Sport & Play team organized its first bootcamp session. This team brings S&P colleagues in contact with different sports and  encoureages them to exercise enough both during working hours (often behind a desk) and at home. The most sporty colleagues attended a one hour 'Bootcamp Fanatic' wo...